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Welcome Aboard Ferbz Event Hub!!!


Please after Signing up/Registering
Click on "Add Listing"on the Top Right part of this page to Add your business/Services
Please Remember to add as much information(Image,Write up, contact Details) as possible
Thanks Ferbz Event Hub Team

Important details Needed while Adding Business/Listing

  • Name of the business
  • Category Of Business
  • Address, phone number,Website, social media
  • Speciality of business
  • Media (Picures/Video)..At most 5 to 10 Pictures
  • Brief about the business
  • Services they render
  • Prize( High end, Budget, Luxury)
  • Working hours, places they can render there service(can they travel outside their location)
  • Capacity (when applicable e.g like Venues)

Please Input as much details as possible, this will help us when promoting your business on Google and other social media platforms

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